This site is an unabashed invitation for you to pursue your big ambitions -- the kind that scares you a little and makes you feel alive. Yes, they are that powerful because you know deep down, they just might come true, and your entire life will change.

Throughout history, we heard of people who suffered great disabilities but still made it big anyway. Some are blind, deaf, mute, amputees. They took their circumstances as a challenge and rise to the occasion! They have our undying respect. What they achieved is very difficult even for us with perfectly "normal" bodies.  We who are not so unfortunate (thankfully) can only marvel. But they don't want us to marvel but get inspired.

What they lacked for in body parts or body functions, they compensated for with a huge ambitious spirit --- what I like to call "conqueror spirit".

Our disabled brothers and sisters have so long been wanting to inspire us with their deeds. We can all be like them and bask in the insolence to dream of legendary achievements within our lifetime. Like them we can become daily warriors whose clarity of vision can fierce through the barnacles of bullshit thrown their way --- whose sense of destiny enables them to remain undefeated even in their worst moments of failure.


Ambition is not by itself immoral but friends and family who don't know any better, or who are themselves afraid of success, would try to dissuade you and make you feel guilty. What they don't realize is that what's definitely immoral is to deny you your passion and reason to live. You might still be physically alive but deep down, you know, you're just carrying your own corpse around. And soon you will get tired of that charade and destroy whatever is left of the spark of life that is inside of you.    

The smallest of frustrated dreams can drive a man to wreck his cherished values --- and then be in denial about it forever.

Not all ambitions are created equal but all ambitions, big or small, demand the same amount of commitment and dedication for success. Well, that at least has been my observation, along with many road warriors I've met along the way.

It can be argued, you are better off raising your ambitions a notch or two higher. Your character, however, should be bigger than your ambitions. Oh yes, the cliché is true --- first order of business is to conquer your self.

Life is not some leisurely sojourn but a challenging, uphill journey towards a distant, worthwhile prize. I believe this prize (both figuratively and literally), can be most accurately described as "world domination" --- or the conquest of the external world by the individual ego, through whatever ambition he most desires.

This blog is a recollection of my life observations through the prism of my favorite topics, including politics, society, entrepreneurship, influence, strategy and personal philosophy.


While I do fancy inciting a global wave of personal revolutions and change history forever, I do assume this blog would not at all make a dent in the grand scheme of things. But who knows, I could be lucky. Anyway, that's not even my grand ambition here.

At worst, this blog is about ideas I care about but may still be wrestling with. At best this is a distillation of my journey towards maximizing my own human potential. If you shall find these pages personally useful, well good for you! Lemme hear about it.

And by the way, no need to call my attention to it; yes I do not bother to be "politically correct" here, nor would I bother to cite authority, if I can help it. I won't even promise to respond to grammatical and typographical emergencies. But if you do find that my logic, argument, flow or musings are disagreeable because your ideas are better, just speak your mind. I'm cool with it.

A word of caution: My earth-shaking ideas might sound like thunder sometimes but I won't ever claim they are fool-proof, nor will I attempt them to be so before publishing. I may sound pretentious, opinionated, arrogant, or whatever. That's occupational hazard.

If you get inspired to re-enact my ideas in the spirit of scientific experimentation, you have my respect but keep in mind that you decide to do it on your own risk. It's your journey, not mine. You are the one responsible for creating your own life story. Make it worth writing.


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