March 2016

What if you have the power to change the world.. or even just make it a little better? Would you deny the world this gift?

This question may sound nice and naive and idealistic. But I am neither of the three.. or at least not anymore. Not after what life put me through. Not after what people pulled me through. I was ready to give up. And maybe I had. In a big way.

I was determined to just live for myself. Have it my way. Just focus on what I can do. For me. Just me. I will be kind to myself. For once. And forget about everyone else's opinions. I will forgive myself of my own mistakes. Give myself unlimited chances. To try again. And make more mistakes. And care not at all for what other people may think and say. Whoever the fuck they may be.

I never asked to be who I am. I never even asked to be born. What do I owe anyone?

I am me. And I would never apologize for being me. I am never gonna be a prisoner of anybody's expectations. No one will ever again dictate me on how to be.

I am me. Still just a frail, ageing and humbled human. Yet I am free.

I may not have much. But my God-given freedom is more than enough to dignify and give meaning to my existence. Therefore, never trust anyone who only has contempt for your freedom.

But freedom is useless.. If you won't use it.

You have to use it to help yourself. To be better. But don't try to be better by becoming someone you are not. Instead, be better at being yourself. Yes. Be better at being yourself. And that will lead you to become the best version of yourself. And don't be surprised one day when you look in the mirror, you'll see this amazing human being staring right back at you, saying "congratulations, you did your bit in building a better world!"
If you have any real sense of moral responsibility at all, let it be about achieving your own human potential. Let it be about taking care of your personal growth. Let it be about becoming a gift to yourself, and after that (by default), you shall have become a gift to the world. (Not that everyone will admire, agree or even acknowledge. You're not doing this for them, remember?)

Building a better world begins with building a better you, for you, by you. And contrary to what you might like to expect, it stops there. Never impose your gospel on others.  This is not a social movement nor a religion but a call to a "personal revolution". It has to come organically from within, or else where is the efficacy in that?

Never impose on others your values and your visions -- your truths. People are smart. They will get it. Your good intentions are NOT moral justification for your dictatorial stance. If you really have good intentions, then all the more should you respect other people's process of growth. (Don't even compare your own growth). The process is NEVER the same for everyone. You are not helping if you are getting in the way of their process in any way. You're just delaying their growth. The most you can do is inspire them, in silence. Just be a shining beacon in your own humble corner.. where those of us in the dark can never miss your light. One more thing, just focus on your own continuing growth, because you still need it, (we all do) and so do the world.

BUT BEWARE...! Unfortunately, not all people will leave you alone. There are smart, talented and influential people out there who will actually trick you into investing your total dependence on them. Your frail and pavlovian human nature is no match for the force of their personality and sheer sense of superiority.

It's not enough to focus on self-improvement and allowing other's the same space. You have to arm yourself against the tricksters and manipulators, who consciously preys upon your kindness and trust --- and eat your very soul. Life is too short to waste on blood suckers. And never think it's any of your responsibility to "cure" them. As soon as they assume that responsibility for themselves, they will find cure.

So, if you still haven't got a clue, let me spell it for you.

  • + One person has what it takes to build a better world. 
  • + And that person is You.
  • + Good news, is if you are up for the challenge.
  • - But if you aren't yet tired of your excuses, that's bad news.


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