May 2015

Every propagandist worth his salt eventually discovers for himself the dark art of plagiaristic “scaffolding” as a practical tool for exorcising writers block. Here's the magic potion that will make your brain immune from zombification in the face of a looming deadline: “google-copy-paste-rewrite!”

The idea behind this deadline-centric brilliance is of course to jump-start the writer's depleted creative juices by leap-frogging directly to the rewriting stage --- (which is where your shameless retrofitting craftsmanship morphs into inspired creativity). Before you know it, you have an original masterpiece in your hands, or at least something decent. (It simply won't work though, if you do not actually know how to spot good material to bastardize or you do not know how to do an effective rewrite.)

Outside the creative field, however, I realized that “scaffolding” becomes a veritable scepter of power when waged in pursuit of a personal revolution...


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