Would you rather cling to the promise of success or crave the assurance of security?

On the surface, the question is one of personal preference but upon closer scrutiny, the issue is a bit heavier, so allow me to delay the kill.

Choose your pick right now, nobody needs to know your answer anyway (but feel free to debate with me, if you wish).

Knowing what you want is a primary qualification for maximizing your human potential, so do not muddle your answer by saying you prefer a “mixture of both”. Just relax and let feelings be your guide.

Would you rather feel successful or secured?

Neither preference is ethically higher than the other, (although, as you may have guessed, habitual winners usually prefer one over the other.)

Okay, here’s the deal...

If you prefer getting rewarded for your efforts, instead of getting assured of benefits, then you are more of a natural entrepreneur and are likely to be more at home with "taking risks" than the average guy.

On the other hand, if like me, you are more “security-oriented”, then you have to actively tell yourself to dislike such a “preference” and instead train yourself to be more emotionally at home with feelings of uncertainty and with taking risks.

In the grand scheme of life, there is really nothing wrong with aiming for security. Securing your physical health, for instance, is a logically super sure way to survive. But the reality of living is that you don’t always see enough of the big picture to make truly informed decisions. We don’t know 100% of what constitutes “health”. Sometimes, to ensure our future physical survival, we must allow our body to be progressively exposed to harsh conditions right now. That’s the way to make the body stronger and increase its chances for survival. Indeed, people’s concept of what is healthy is different today than it was a hundred years ago.

Truth is, you are to live the present always at the mercy of uncertainty and at the luxury of memory (or expectations based on what worked in the past). This means, to live only rationally and without some kind of “faith” is to be blind to the unexpected, the sudden, the unprecedented, the truly life-threatening. A measure of “faith” is actually needed to survive the nasty realities of practical living, it’s a paradox indeed.

As an entrepreneur, you must realize that working towards security is sensible,  worthwhile and ideal. But the way to achieve true security is NOT by pursuing security but by embracing uncertainty --- essentially “neutralizing” uncertainties by taking chances to try new things… sometimes risking possible death to achieve a healthier body, exposing your body to the elements in search for a more secure shelter.

Any sense of security, and by extension any sense of entitlement, is fiction --- a fairy tale invented to calm children and the childish. If you believe you are a child no more, get your shit together and act with some poise.

Getting rewarded for your effort is the only way reality operates. (This is the way entrepreneurs cash in on life big time. Employees are rewarded too, but in inverse proportion to the risk they are unwilling to take.)

There are times of course shit happens and the reward does not even come off, or it gets hijacked by others --- that’s all part of real life. Sometimes the hard work you render, the gifts you generously give gets rewarded with resentment. Other people’s sense of entitlement gets in the way of your happiness and reward. You get fucked up really good in life sometimes and the only sensible thing to do, despite you feel like you want to go crazy, is shrug off everything, smile and go on with life as if nothing happened. Sometimes, life smiles back. Sometimes, you’re just too tired to even care what happens next.

This is the very essence of the mysterious force in the universe, which Solomon called “time and chance” in Ecclesiastes --- a highly recommended reading for realist entrepreneurs by the way.

Like the insignificant speck of dirt that you are in the great landscape of the universe, you go on with life for as long as you can go on. Enjoy your little life to the fullest by indulging in as little drama as possible. Your drama won’t echo in eternity anyway. Well, even if it does, you won’t be here to know any better anyway, you won’t even earn a dime off it.  

Vanity of vanities!

To desire security, even by honest means, is to desire an illusion, a lie. To desire and pursue honest and just rewards for your efforts is, by extension, a pursuit also towards personal integrity. If, by time and chance you did not get the reward you are worth, be thankful for also you get a measure of spiritual growth to recompense your little soul.

Pursuing your passion in life will not necessarily make you financially rich but it will give you an opportunity to enjoy fully the richness of being human.

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