Following a constellation of bad circumstances and the compounding liabilities from bad decisions made, I am now once again in what I call "Days of Thunder" (DoT). Really, it's just my fancy way of telling myself I am in really deep shit, and therefore I need to do things extremely differently to extricate my limbs ASAP. Plus, of course, I get to fancy re-imagining myself in the image of the character Tom Cruise played in the movie of the same title. Who says personal development need be uber boring?  

The theory behind my DoT is Einsteins opt quoted observation which says "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result". To escape from insanity, simply force yourself to do old things differently, and try as many new and different things and approaches as you can.

This is not about jump-starting your creativity per se but about window-shopping for different results, different possibilities.

The last time I really went extremely in full throttle mode of days-of-thundering was beginning around September of last year. It was literally the nadir of my existence --- allow me to call it My Super September. That's the time I lost 10 pounds in 1 week, (using haphazard tricks I've subconsciously synthesized over the Internet). Completely surprised myself of the crazily fast result --- had I known in advance it would work so well, my natural inhibition against change would have kicked in halfway and I would have gone on a self-sabotage mode already. I of course, became determined to go on and on and on in pursuit of self-development.. in a sense my DoT never really stopped since then.

I had tried doing DoT before to change my life but last year was really unprecedented in the sense that it actually worked, albeit accidentally or haphazardly, ala Peter Parker!

I have actually gained so much understanding out of the "accident" that up now I am still mining the experience for insight, and it still overwhelms me at times. I was determined to write everything in this blog since day one, so I won't forget. But I never got around to it fast enough. One reason was because there was too much information to digest and too many questions and ideas to explore and search an explanation to. I was like Gollum, screaming "it burns!"  

Like I said, my DoT in a sense, never stopped. But actually I some laziness got into my system, and I started to relax a bit the last two months. Financial resources also thinned out on me lately, and it nipped at some of my support system. My idea today is to re-kick-start the internal engine, but this time on a still higher gear, and on an even meager budget.

I don't know how exactly I will proceed this time. I have a few ideas but I smell danger. That has to mean I'm on the right track, just like before.  
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