» » » » The Unavoidable Epistemology Of Blog Writing

To write perfectly, or at least with perfect certainty, is a blog writer's hopeless hubris. This I have come to learn the slow, hard, painful, messy way.

Truth to tell, nobody's writing is perfect and blog writing is several notches on a baser category. The only honest, and hottest, best I can do here is to approach blogging on a 'journalism of ideas' basis.

I am not saying this of course just to enjoy blanket deniability, although I confess that would be convenient. What I actually am after is a full-blown attack on my own irrational fear of making irresponsible statements. Not that I relish making irresponsible statements but if it so happens -- as it invariably will in the hot pursuit of knowledge --- then I can at least rest easy in my sleep knowing that epistemology is on my side.

With the unreasonable burden of 'responsibility' now out of the window, let me rephrase my point lest I surely be misunderstood.

What I am simply saying is that I am not, and will never claim absolute truth, although I may sound otherwise sometimes.

To my knowledge, no human can claim infallibility --- false messiahs aside.

But I will wear my license proud as a blog writer, a.k.a. my justified true belief (JTB) --- not that I'm a fan of Plato but the guy rocks, and what's more, he's practical like me.

Okay, for the technically inclined, here's the lowdown on JBT. In reality, truth does exist outside of JTB but such truth would serve only as the theoretical, postulated, unknown (even possibly unknowable) destination in the philosopher's uncertain journey and therefore, technically irrelevant in the current, real-life, psychological process of getting "there" --- whatever and wherever "there" actually means, or if it even exists. At least that is my take, or my very own justified true belief about JTB.

See, personally, I have long ago given up on the practical relevance of philosophy other than that of a working tool not very different from a painter's canvass. It can capture and examine aspects of the truth but never the entire whole. I make exception, however, to the more technical branches of philosophy such as logic and epistemology. More than mere intellectual entertainment, they command study and I so highly endorse them in almost nearly the same vein that I endorse the Bible.

In the theater of epistemology, humanity is all at once on the verge of real, sophisticated wisdom as well as on the reckless edge of desperate humility. And that's the nearest thing to an elegant depiction of the true human condition as I can hope to imagine. In the pantheon of human philosophies, that's a rock star among mere posers!

Yet, epistemology, however sexy, remains a province of the intellect. Blogging or writing publicly, on the other hand,  is an act that is unavoidably political, and therefore, crazy. And not even JTB can protect me.

To paraphrase Descartes:

I think, therefore I am. I publish what I think, therefore I am in trouble.

So why write and trouble trouble?

Maybe, someday, I will have, an answer.

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