To be on the receiving end of acknowledgement on a daily basis can be life-changing or life-wrecking, depending on the quality of acknowledgment. This is how we create or destroy our children's self-esteem and later chances in adult life.

Acknowledging someone for doing something good, however, is not just good leadership or an act of kindness. Depending on your level of sincerity, it can boomerang and be an exercise in positive self-affirmation. If the acknowledgement is made public, it can even flat out be a political statement --- something that inspires an entire community to hold up to a notable standard. Incidentally, this is how we elevate or debase our communities and workplaces, depending on the kinds of behavior we reward.

This we shall call "social acknowledgment".

There is, however, a second aspect to acknowledgement that is invisible but more permanent. It is the kind acknowledgment that "echoes" into the soul of the individual like a recurring song...

I am talking about the conscious (and non-conscious) act of acknowledgement that you confer or commemorate inside your mind with every little personal triumph or tragedy that you experience or imagine through each waking moment...

Let's call it "intra-personal acknowledgment". Here's an illustration:
Just by walking towards the elevator, anxiety filled your mind. You thought about the expected promotion you are likely to get on the job. Suddenly, you are reminded of a childhood episode when the teacher failed on her promised reward. Well, you never deserved it anyway... Snapping back, you realized it's only three weeks to go before that expensive family vacation you have committed to your disenchanted wife and kids, and you haven’t booked anything yet. And yes, there’s that pesky, make-or-break office presentation in four weeks --- right after the potentially disastrous vacation. Suddenly, you notice an eerie physical sensation of "falling" as you ride up the elevator.  
That's gravity bending in action! Welcome to the Matrix. 

poster for The MatrixIf you think that your life is headed to a disaster and you deserve every ounce of it, what else would be the outcome? The quality of the dreadful thoughts you relish as you drag yourself through a stressful day is directly proportional to the quality of your results in real-life (citation not needed). Should you need any proof, try it out with caution in your daily life, and come back to share what happened.

But wait, there's more!

Indeed, everything I have said so far was just introductory. There is yet a third bullet point to this "power of acknowledgment", even more "arcane" and powerful --- it cuts through the first and second aspects.

Acknowledgment Power: The 3rd Bullet   

What I am talking about here is a simpler kind of "acknowledgment", so utterly innocent and basic I am tempted to call it the very building block of the soul!

I dare say knowledge of this kind literally hurls us on the brink of the proverbial point blank zone, enabling us to willfully execute whatever kind of positive revolutions we want in our personal lives. If that doesn't excite you, I don't know what will.  

Are you ready to learn about it? Anxiously excited? A bit scaring, isn't it?

Okay, tell you later friends!

For Later:  


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