» » » Is Reality Not Just a Figment of the Imagination?

Have you ever wondered whether this thing we call physical reality is not actually nothing more than just a dream or in today's parlance, virtual?

Young kids supposedly have this illusion that the universe revolves around them... until they realize that no, they are not that lucky. As they grow older and become more pessimists and isolated they began to entertain a similar thought... what if the the reality they experience is essentially illusory? --- what if the whole universe conspired to confine their consciousness in a prison of mental contexts and sub-contexts we call human existence...!

Okay, think of Matrix or A Scanner Darkly and you get the point.

Are we prisoners of our own freakin little world,
inside our own little mind?

If so, then an outsider, a messiah figure, becomes
our only way of escape?

Even if that messiah, should we say, is false?

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Joe Vizcarra is a Manila-based independent writer. With an A.B. degree in Communication Arts, his professional background includes writing for local TV news channels, a PR & marketing agency, and a national government agency.


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