January 2013

virtual reality
If you were hypnotized into believing and experiencing "God", or if you were given a pill that induces mystical feelings of intimacy with a supreme being, could such experience or feeling be equated with God? Most probably your answer would be a resounding 'NO!'

But what if it's our own human brain that makes us naturally prone into believing in the existence of a supreme being and "tricks" us into experiencing "God"? Would religion, in this case, be valid?

Thinking RFID
Sometimes we get lost in the inner ramblings of our minds... just so much thoughts all "thinking" at once.

The worse part is, they're mostly other people's thoughts, "thinking in us"... like work deadlines, grocery list, career goals and other such useless details... that we lose touch with what we really want our life to be.

So, what do you think you think?


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