So, how do you do a "surgical" airstrike in Gaza Strip and do it very surgically efficient?

First off, what is Israel's idea of surgical ? As news stories like this and this illustrate, a surgical thingy by Israeli standards is in the vicinity of 300 airstrikes in one day.

To be surgically precise, arithmetically speaking, that's 300 airstrikes within a 24-hour period, in a 360 square kilometer area, which is home to some 1.5 million people.

In other words, that's 1 airstrike every 4.8 minutes.
or .. 1 airstrike every 1.2 kilometers (or two airstrikes per square mile)
or .. 1 airstrike for every vicinity with 5,000 Palestinians

So a "surgical airstrike" is just another way of saying "all over the place".

The Israeli government calls that "surgical" anyway, and standard news outlets of repute parrots the lie, and they call it "news".

Israeli authorities of course would say their brand of airstrikes, even of this magnitude, were done as surgical as humanly possible  (because they have specific human targets on the ground) but of course they have a soft spot for these innocent civilians that's why they practically imprison them, then do airstrikes over them if and when they deem it absolutely necessary, but they will do so with reluctant, heavy hearts because they are such nice guys who definitely know better for they were victims of Hitler's Holocaust.

Here, for instance, is a standard news fare from CNN, encrypted in poetry:

Gaza City (CNN) -- As international pressure mounted Monday for an end to the Israeli-Palestinian violence that has left dozens dead and hundreds wounded, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was flying to the region to personally appeal for a cease-fire.

Read again: it says "Israeli-Palestinian violence.. has left dozens dead.. hundreds wounded.. and the UN Sec-Gen will appeal for a ceasefire.." So, instead of people killing people, (or to be surgically exact -- uniformed Israeli men spraying air assaults on mostly civilian Palestinians) they conveniently repackaged the carnage into an abstract concept called "violence" then went on to say that this cold abstract monstrosity has "left" the scene with dozens of dead body in its trail -- very much like how they would write a news story about a deadly impersonal force like a typhoon or hurricane.

What's so wrong with, for instance, hypothetically saying, " Israeli airstrike men left the Gaza following 300  assaults, leaving  dozens of dead Palestinians with hundreds wounded .."? Well, it would disrupt the poetic flow and the philosophical tone.

In wars past, the air assaults of Hitler's Luftwaffe over Poland won't ever translate to "surgical airstrikes", would they? They would call them "murderous atrocities" or even "crimes against humanity".

These days, isolated bombings over a small geographical area, by relatively small shadowy group, are called acts of terror.

In politically correct times, however, enforcing a daily, formal military air assault by a first-world nation (whose weapons industry is a major economic engine) against a walled-in, poverty-stricken population, is heralded by global corporate media  as surgical airstrikes.  

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