So, how do you do a "surgical" airstrike in Gaza Strip and do it very surgically efficient?

First off, what is Israel's idea of surgical ? As news stories like this and this illustrate, a surgical thingy by Israeli standards is in the vicinity of 300 airstrikes in one day.

To be surgically precise, arithmetically speaking, that's 300 airstrikes within a 24-hour period, in a 360 square kilometer area, which is home to some 1.5 million people.

In other words, that's 1 airstrike every 4.8 minutes.
or .. 1 airstrike every 1.2 kilometers (or two airstrikes per square mile)
or .. 1 airstrike for every vicinity with 5,000 Palestinians

So a "surgical airstrike" is just another way of saying "all over the place".


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