In a world filled with big problems, people feel small, insignificant, helpless.

To break away from the gravity of anxiety and powerlessness, many have gone into escapism --- which, today is more than socially acceptable, it's fashionable and therefore, empowering! The meaning of life is hardly relevant. What's crucial is a solid sense of identity with which to conquer the world or toy with the world how ever which way one fancies.      

“Living in the present” has also become the conventional wisdom to allay “needless” worries of what the future might bring --- which is beyond our control anyway --- and which, scientists contend, does not even really exist yet. To live in the present is to control the future and correct the past. That's power! By fashioning our beliefs, we became giants of existence, and nothing, not even life itself could bully us anymore.          

But like a bad recurring dream, the phantom of our smallness brutally confronts us in times of wars, calamities and tragedies of biblical proportions.

We believe, with lazy lusty arrogance, that we're in control of the world and our circumstances, then reality slaps us in the face. For a moment, we see how truly we are no bigger than the multitude of ants in a great, wasted landscape.

Speaking of ants, the bible say they are “not a people strong” (Proverbs 30:25), yet they “provide their food in the summer” – or in other words prepare for the future according to their needs (which is purely physical). In Proverbs 6:6-8, the bible admonish us to learn from the lowly ants, which means we too must prepare.

But we know too well that no one can really prepare enough for the sudden onslaught of a speeding tsunami such as what hit Japan recently following a monster earthquake. Arguably, no country on earth is more prepared than Japan for a huge earthquake – yet tragedy still caught them unprepared.

If we are to consider the wisdom of ants in a realistic sense; maybe its time we look beyond physical survival as object of preparation.

We are, after all, more than flesh and bones.

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