No. It's not the end of the world. It’s only 2011 anyways!

Watching this video of the deadly tsunami spawned by a magnitude-9.0 quake in Japan yesterday.. I just can’t help but remember 2012 -- the movie.

Maybe the world won’t end exactly like Hollywood say but seems like the world will indeed end anyway with epic special effects to boot except that you know it’s not just effects and you don’t feel it as anything special.

While searching fresh videos at Youtube, I happen to come across interesting comments ranging from “what does this make of God?”... to “real life sucks, I’m going back to playing games at Facebook..”

Frankly I kinda “like” the former comment than the latter (even if it implies God is a murderer -- an idea I find disgusting, to say the least). At least it’s better than sinking your head in the sand and cling harder to deeply cherished fantasies.

But back to the question... “Is the world coming to an end?” 

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