December 2008

Who wants to live forever? Raise your hands! I say that’s a perfectly sensible goal… but what will you do with all that time tucked under your belt?

Isn’t a lifetime of problems and difficulties enough for any one man or woman? Would you rather wish for an eternity of struggle?

On a lighter note, have you asked yourself whether you have done a good enough job on your present mortal existence that makes you deserving of an eternal bonus?
The worship of LIFE, it seems, is a human instinct (how else explain our all-consuming tendency for self-preservation, to cling to life no matter what, sometimes in defiance of logic, nature and science).

But the excuse that INSTINCT offers is not enough to extinguish the discontent of those who say that life is overrated? There has to be more to an immortal life than mere instinct.

What Say You?
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