November 2008

At the end of the day, we all just want to be real but no, the world just won't let us...

There's the boss at the office to impress, or at least to play pretend to... the fellow white-collar jerks in the lounge to try make laugh by poking fun on the stupid boss... those pesky underlings who you need to show to who's the boss... and back at home there's the real boss, I mean the wife, to boss you around... the kids to gang up on you... and of course the dog, don't forget the dog, whom you need to take outside for a pee or worse... life is full of sh.. demands by other people (and dogs) who want a piece of you, that, often, there's nothing left of you, for you.

As with anything in life that really matters, it takes courage to be true to oneself. Can you imagine the cinematic drama there! Here you are, you just want a few extra minutes all to yourself, say to enjoy your extra rich and classy, aromatic, pure, instant coffee... while the whole world screams back at you in a demanding tone saying "What about your Obligations!?"...

You shrugged off your shoulders and take your fist sip... "The traffic be damned!..." you snorted back "I want my moment..!" You take another sip. Coffee never tasted this good..."the boss and her client waiting for me be damned!... I won't give up this coffee for the world..." It was then that the dog barked at you, gently at first, then awkwardly... threatening to poop on the floor...!"The dog be damned!... I won't be intimidated by no barking beast who happen to share my carpet..."

It was then that the wife looks at you coyly, at first, then looks at the wall clock... and then gazed back at you, slightly disappointed.. you said to yourself "the wife be...!" ...then she said "shouldn't you be going by now... dear?", with emphasis on the dear.

Okay, the wife won this time... again.
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