For the last several months I was busy battling my writing fatigue, which has grown to fester me like the plague. In my unrelenting resolve to kill the inner beast I’ve fortuitously discovered a
“cure” that, well, seems to work for me. I’ve realized that my “writing fatigue” was really “language fatigue” in thin disguise, I was literally sick with the English language! I was so sick of it I couldn’t get myself to write any English prose except at work, and even then it always leaves me feeling exhausted.
I’ve made this discovery this after chancing upon an old copy of Balagtas’ Florante at Laura in my in-laws’ bookshelves, and upon reading it sporadically realizing how truly beautiful language could be. This inspired me to read on and read more Tagalog classics condensed in old textbooks, which heretofore serve nothing more than crude dust holders.
With my appetite whetted, I’ve come to a momentous decision, why not revive my study of the Spanish language? I was among the last few students who took 9 units of Spanish in college after the government decided to scrap it as a required subject. Of course I have nothing to show for it apart from the “tres” in my school records. I’ve decided that if I can learn English, I can learn any language I choose. I’m prone to making wrong decisions of course.
As for new language study as cure for my writing fatigue, well I theorized that perhaps, the part of my brain responsible for processing language has become too hardwired to English that it starts to “short-circuit” or “overheat”. By thinking in Tagalog and by learning to think in a totally different language maybe, just maybe, my language processor gets to relax, cool down and regains strength.
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