It's been more than three years this month since I cried out loud to God to beg for the life of my second child. She was five years old then.

The night before was uneventful except, that is, for the unusually loud and sudden cry my child blurted out while fast asleep. When I and my wife came by the bedroom to check, my child was perfectly normal. Having bad dreams perhaps and nothing more... but boy was I so wrong...

By morning it became evident she has diarreah. Still nothing atypical for any child her age. Trouble is she had fever and we didn't have a thermometer at home...
so it came without warning...
febrile convulsion!

Before I know it I was desperately trying to insert medicine through my child's mouth but it kept on closing anyway. Good thing I failed at this or else she would just have choked.Then I found myself desperately trying to open her mouth... then I opted desperately to remove my fingers...
Her eyes tell me she do not recognize me nor hear me shouting in panic.

Just then my wife arrived home and good thing she knows what to do.

It was almost too late, my wife tried to insert her fingers into my child's nearly closed mouth. She said the tongue must be pushed down to prevent it from blocking air into the lungs.

I hailed a tricycle outside to take us to the community clinic. When I got back home s
treaks of blood from my wife's fingers were all over my child's mouth... we were on the road when I cried out aloud to God in prayer. In Christ's name I did ask for child's safety. Just then my wife finally made it through pushing down my child's tounge to start breathing again... thanks to God she started breathing again!

I was medically unprepared to deal with the crisis. Being a parent I should have known better. Spiritually, however, I had all the help I could need. We were new members in the church of God then and we were never lacking in biblical teachings on the mysterious ways of the almighty...

To God be the glory...!

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