Hi! I am Joe Vizcarra, a working writer based in Manila, Philippines, with an A.B. degree in Communication Arts. My professional background includes writing for local TV news channels, a PR & marketing agency, and a national government agency, among others. While writing is my passion, my pet advocacies revolve around subjects like personal-development, entrepreneurship and political economy. Anything that has to do with preserving and enlarging freedom
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Depending on who you ask and where they are coming from, there are many ways to "count" the kinds or types of freedom. My focus here is on what I consider to be the three practical kinds of personal freedom, namely: political freedom, psychological freedom and financial freedom.

Political freedom to pursue your ideals, ambitions and the lifestyle you desire without undue, unreasonable or arbitrary limits from society.    

Psychological freedom. The freedom from self-limiting doubts and beliefs, in pursuit of your ideals and ambitions. 

Financial freedom. The freedom to live the lifestyle you want without relying on others for financial support.


Just like with anything worth having, freedom has a price. And unfortunately, it's not a one-time payment. It's like a subscription deal, or a rental payment. We pay for it with political vigilance, psychological boldness and financial discipline. Yes, freedom is a burden. It's a huge responsibility. Nothing is easy. But it's always voluntary, never compulsory. As they say, freedom is for the bold, the strong and the brave. If you believe it's too much work, then this blog is not for you. 

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