Kuya Daniel Razon has just launched this morning his new morning TV show, still at UNTV37, entiled "Good Morning Kuya!" Still reeling from yesterday's successful 3G event, Razon was in a great mood showing around the TV audience inside the studio. Although the show was obviously still in its infancy stage you could see Razon's innovative blueprint already at work and I wouldn't be surprised if the bigger networks once again borrow some of his ideas and claim it as their own...(like what they did to early weekend morning day-starter "Kami Naman!" which boast of a first-in-its-class format called Live Magazine Sitcom!)

Razon describes the show as "unconventional", saying he is not one to put a noontime show early in the morning (as what the leading TV stations in the Philippines are currently doing). He believes public service is the stuff that a good morning show should be made of.

The show features a solid hour of public affairs-oriented discussion. It also boasts of providing daily free clinic, legal assistance, and jobs fair plus of course the UNTV Libreng Sakay Bus!

Do catch Daniel Razon and the rest of the UNTV early morning gang at GOOD MORNING KUYA! airing everyday from 4:45 to 9 am, Monday to Friday!

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