So, how do you do a "surgical" airstrike in Gaza Strip and do it very surgically efficient?

First off, what is Israel's idea of surgical ? As news stories like this and this illustrate, a surgical thingy by Israeli standards is in the vicinity of 300 airstrikes in one day.

To be surgically precise, arithmetically speaking, that's 300 airstrikes within a 24-hour period, in a 360 square kilometer area, which is home to some 1.5 million people.

In other words, that's 1 airstrike every 4.8 minutes.
or .. 1 airstrike every 1.2 kilometers (or two airstrikes per square mile)
or .. 1 airstrike for every vicinity with 5,000 Palestinians

So a "surgical airstrike" is just another way of saying "all over the place".

In no particular order, here are five significant earthquakes that went off the last two days.

Tokyo, Japan - Magnitude 7.0
Tuva (in Siberia) - Magnitude 9.0

Christchurch, New Zealand - Magnitude 5.5
Youngstown, Ohio (USA) - Magnitude 4.0
Sumatra, Indonesia - Magnitude 5.3

Geologists say strong quakes has been at a record high since 2004 but attribute such to random chance more than anything else. Yes, random chance.

What's wrong with saying, "we don't know what's happening.." instead they have to invent a mathematically cute excuse and say, "its random chance at work!"


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