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We have all been brainwashed to blindly accept "democracy" as the best of all possible human governments, ever. I for one have recently decided to jump boat and become a full-time contrarian. This is upon understanding  how sickly nations become, in direct proportion to the democratic "reforms" they institute.

I'm speaking strictly in terms of geo-politics here, so let's not drag morality into the issue by citing the Hitlers of this world. If every nation were ruled by a perfectly benevolent dictator or monarch, I would prefer that to a world where every nation is naively hostage to the trappings of democracy and global capitalism, where the end result is global POWER getting more and more concentrated in the hands of THE FEW.

Democracy, you may say, is akin to a pack of wolves in sheep's clothing tricking the flock into murdering the shepherd. When the shepherd is dead and gone, the sheep are slaughtered one at a time. But the flock, by then is too busy indulging in procreation and recreation that they don't realize this soon enough...    

I'm reminded of this mixed metaphor as two news of global importance has buoyed up mainstream media; the popular protests against Vladimir Putin and the death of North Korea's Kim Jong Il.

Putin, pundits say, has successfully capped the onslaught of democracy in his county. Of course, that means cornering power unto himself -- and that of course is "evil" by western capitalists standards. Now look at where he is at. Soon enough, if he loses poise and play the bully, "international protests" will be loudly played in the media and that would validate the UN to send in the clowns a.k.a "peace-keeping" force, to nerf a sovereign state.

In the same vein, the curious must lookout for developments in North Korea. If the rug gets pulled from under the feet of the new heir-apparent, you will see that the vultures of democratic zealotry won't be too far behind.

Following that, who knows you'll share my distaste for democracy.
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Joe Vizcarra is a Manila-based independent writer. With an A.B. degree in Communication Arts, his professional background includes writing for local TV news channels, a PR & marketing agency, and a national government agency.


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