The worst violation you can do to a murdered man is to murder his memory in the minds of those he died for.

And that's just what they did to Jose Rizal beginning right after his martyrdom on December 30, 1896, by announcing the supposed retraction of his anti-Catholic ideas. The announcement was published in Madrid the following day without proof, only saying that the "document" of his retraction was given to Archbishop Bernardino Nozaleda of Manila for his keeping. That "document' only surfaced for public viewing on May 13, 1935. A veritable forgery, says Peter Jaynul Uckung of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

Karen Heagle Vulture with Carcass 2008
We have all been brainwashed to blindly accept "democracy" as the best of all possible human governments, ever. I for one have recently decided to jump boat and become a full-time contrarian. This is upon understanding  how sickly nations become, in direct proportion to the democratic "reforms" they institute.

I'm speaking strictly in terms of geo-politics here, so let's not drag morality into the issue by citing the Hitlers of this world. If every nation were ruled by a perfectly benevolent dictator or monarch, I would prefer that to a world where every nation is naively hostage to the trappings of democracy and global capitalism, where the end result is global POWER getting more and more concentrated in the hands of THE FEW.

Democracy, you may say, is akin to a pack of wolves in sheep's clothing tricking the flock into murdering the shepherd. When the shepherd is dead and gone, the sheep are slaughtered one at a time. But the flock, by then is too busy indulging in procreation and recreation that they don't realize this soon enough...    

Evil Grin Santa Claus
The last time I heard Santa Claus is possibly real was in kindergarten, upon seeing  my Christmas eve stockings filled with shiny coins, with gifts to boot just a foot beneath.

I must have been quite pragmatic even then but this physical "evidence" was all I needed to restore my swiveling faith to steadfast stillness. At least for another year.

Reality have a way of catching up, thank goodness, and soon enough you slowly grow apart  from every white lie people told you in the name of fun and games...

In a world filled with big problems, people feel small, insignificant, helpless.

To break away from the gravity of anxiety and powerlessness, many have gone into escapism --- which, today is more than socially acceptable, it's fashionable and therefore, empowering! The meaning of life is hardly relevant. What's crucial is a solid sense of identity with which to conquer the world or toy with the world how ever which way one fancies.      

“Living in the present” has also become the conventional wisdom to allay “needless” worries of what the future might bring --- which is beyond our control anyway --- and which, scientists contend, does not even really exist yet. To live in the present is to control the future and correct the past. That's power! By fashioning our beliefs, we became giants of existence, and nothing, not even life itself could bully us anymore.          

But like a bad recurring dream, the phantom of our smallness brutally confronts us in times of wars, calamities and tragedies of biblical proportions.
No. It's not the end of the world. It’s only 2011 anyways!

Watching this video of the deadly tsunami spawned by a magnitude-9.0 quake in Japan yesterday.. I just can’t help but remember 2012 -- the movie.

Maybe the world won’t end exactly like Hollywood say but seems like the world will indeed end anyway with epic special effects to boot except that you know it’s not just effects and you don’t feel it as anything special.

While searching fresh videos at Youtube, I happen to come across interesting comments ranging from “what does this make of God?”... to “real life sucks, I’m going back to playing games at Facebook..”

Frankly I kinda “like” the former comment than the latter (even if it implies God is a murderer -- an idea I find disgusting, to say the least). At least it’s better than sinking your head in the sand and cling harder to deeply cherished fantasies.

But back to the question... “Is the world coming to an end?” 


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