Where in the world is Filipino inventor Daniel Dingel and his hydro-powered car? As early as 1968 he started a revolution against the Oil Cartel in his garage by converting his car to run on ordinary tap water. Years later, the Manila news media warmed up to him until he was virtually declared a hoax after the Department of Science and Technology reportedly found traces of carbon dioxide in Dingel's car emissions. Skeptics then concluded that the inventor was still secretly using hydrogen produced from his electrolysis machine. Or was he?

In one interview Dingel alleged that agents of the IMF and World Bank have prevented him from marketing his invention citing an agreement with the Philippine government that it "may not not to produce anything that would compete with their (petrol) product".

Thirty years later, (surprise, surprise) Reuters News gives us this preview of a near future when car owners need only stop by the nearest water faucet when refueling.

Japanese company Genepax says its car runs on water, that it uses an energy generator that extracts hydrogen from water which was then injected into the car’s tank. The generator then releases electrons that produce electric power to run the car.

An American inventor, meanwhile, claims to have tinkered with his motorcycle to run, not on water-derived hydrogen, but on "water-based" fuel.

It doesn't end there. In Sri Lanka, a 25-year-old Thushara Priyamal Edirisinghe claimed to have done a similar feat. There are many others.

A confirmation from establishment giant Honda of course couldn't have driven home the point more conclusively with its HONDA FCX WATER CAR available for lease only to HOLLYWOOD ELITE!

So, again, where in the world is Daniel Dingel? He's still in fighting form and this time he has partnered with ETHOS, a Swiss-based company racing to commercially produce the world's first water powered car. They have also set up a foundation to help bring his products to the world while helping Mr. Dingel to raise money "to help his fellow Filipino people". Here is Dingel's old video demo.

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