My favorite TV station, UNTV37, is set to celebrate its 3rd year of Service to Humanity worldwide this coming Sunday July 22, 2007 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, from 8 am to 11pm. Dubbed as 3G, everyone is invited to come and take part in the very special family day event!
Yes, the entrance is FREE, along with other FREE FREE FREE goodies to boot like FREE medical services, FREE legal consultations, FREE school supplies, FREE overseas kumustahan, FREE Concert, and most of all FREE Bibles!
Lest you think of a different 3G, UNTV37’s 3G actually stands for, Genuine, Godly, and Global. That is, Genuine, Godly and Global Service to Humanity!
If its 3G telephony that’s on your mind, well UNTV also has something along those lines! Indeed it is one of the most exciting highlight to the event! Can you imagine wathcing UNTV37 shows on your cellphone, wherever you are, whenever you want to? I heard from UNTV officials that they have teamed up with a giant telecom provider in the country to make this great thing possible!
I suppose I’ll wait for the anticipated launching of this tie-up on Sunday to confirm the details. And before I forget, let me say that there’s this wild rumor going around among the loyal adherents of Ang-Dating-Daan (the group I recently exposed)... I heard they are itching to make The Great SIM-Switch in Town beginning this Sunday. Knowing them all too well, I know they are really serious, and very excited too! If I were an executive of the rival phone network I wouldn’t be able to bear to watch this thing from happenning... :-)
I know there are more surprises in store at the 3G this sunday so hope to see you all there!


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