July 2007

In the recent past, the religion of atheism was so convenient for its faithful believers in at least one respect—they do not have to worry about the afterlife. Recently, however, some of their leading “pastors” are entertaining the plausibility of the soul’s immortality. And yes, of course they remain unshaken in their core belief that God is dead. They just now say God does not need to exist in order for the soul to survive. Oh well, whatever pleases them.

In the article Eternity for Atheists see how Jim Holt of the New York Times considers the possibility. He quotes speculations by one philosopher after another, considers the theories of one scientist after another, try to blend them well together with orthodox atheism and, voila! You have an upgraded version of atheism for the Web 2.0 generation!

Really, I was trying to be open-minded about the ideas proposed in the article. They sounded somewhat profound after all and well within the tradition of scientific guesswork. I must confess, though, it was a nice read and made me laugh a bit. Oh, I am so glad I do not share their passionate denial of God’s existence.

All their speculations really sounded like philosophical delusions than anything else. But the sad thing is, they are not joking. They seriously believe they can understand the great beyond through speculation. Have they really lost all respect for epistemology?

At any rate, this development is something to celebrate. Theists and atheists no have a little bit more in common than at any other time in the past!!! If atheists will consider every other speculation about the afterlife, it would be the height of scientific dishonesty to relegate to the trash bin the tons of ideas about the afterlife written in the bible!

Come on atheist friend, read the bible.

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A curious thing about life, from a fiction point of view, is that the main actor is also the number one audience. Incidentally, this is how blogging works, on the surface at least, as I see it.

I, the blogger, write stuffs and then read them once, twice, over and over again, that's my choice and my curse. Then people come in to my blog, just as they do in my life. Some stay for a while or for good. Others just pass by, or get out at once and swore never to be back. That's just how lives and blogs are.

Unlike blogging, however, you cannot edit your life. The least you can do is write about it, in your blog or private journal... write often, read often. Learn from yourself. Learn from that inner man, who tells you just what is it like to be you then, as Michael Jackson would say, make that change.

I'm a writer by profession, by choice, by accident, and most of all, by compulsion.

Just between you and me, writing is simply my way of life. No I'm not saying I'm a great writer, nor even a good one. Just ask the poor guys who have to endure editing my poor excuse for a draft. What I simply mean is, it's just me really. I write, because, I am. I offer no further excuse than that.

It's been more than three years this month since I cried out loud to God to beg for the life of my second child. She was five years old then.

The night before was uneventful except, that is, for the unusually loud and sudden cry my child blurted out while fast asleep. When I and my wife came by the bedroom to check, my child was perfectly normal. Having bad dreams perhaps and nothing more... but boy was I so wrong...

By morning it became evident she has diarreah. Still nothing atypical for any child her age. Trouble is she had fever and we didn't have a thermometer at home...
so it came without warning...
febrile convulsion!

Before I know it I was desperately trying to insert medicine through my child's mouth but it kept on closing anyway. Good thing I failed at this or else she would just have choked.Then I found myself desperately trying to open her mouth... then I opted desperately to remove my fingers...
Her eyes tell me she do not recognize me nor hear me shouting in panic.

Just then my wife arrived home and good thing she knows what to do.

It was almost too late, my wife tried to insert her fingers into my child's nearly closed mouth. She said the tongue must be pushed down to prevent it from blocking air into the lungs.

I hailed a tricycle outside to take us to the community clinic. When I got back home s
treaks of blood from my wife's fingers were all over my child's mouth... we were on the road when I cried out aloud to God in prayer. In Christ's name I did ask for child's safety. Just then my wife finally made it through pushing down my child's tounge to start breathing again... thanks to God she started breathing again!

I was medically unprepared to deal with the crisis. Being a parent I should have known better. Spiritually, however, I had all the help I could need. We were new members in the church of God then and we were never lacking in biblical teachings on the mysterious ways of the almighty...

To God be the glory...!

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Kuya Daniel Razon has just launched this morning his new morning TV show, still at UNTV37, entiled "Good Morning Kuya!" Still reeling from yesterday's successful 3G event, Razon was in a great mood showing around the TV audience inside the studio. Although the show was obviously still in its infancy stage you could see Razon's innovative blueprint already at work and I wouldn't be surprised if the bigger networks once again borrow some of his ideas and claim it as their own...(like what they did to early weekend morning day-starter "Kami Naman!" which boast of a first-in-its-class format called Live Magazine Sitcom!)

Razon describes the show as "unconventional", saying he is not one to put a noontime show early in the morning (as what the leading TV stations in the Philippines are currently doing). He believes public service is the stuff that a good morning show should be made of.

The show features a solid hour of public affairs-oriented discussion. It also boasts of providing daily free clinic, legal assistance, and jobs fair plus of course the UNTV Libreng Sakay Bus!

Do catch Daniel Razon and the rest of the UNTV early morning gang at GOOD MORNING KUYA! airing everyday from 4:45 to 9 am, Monday to Friday!

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- Happy 3G To UNTV!

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If you haven't been to World Trade Center in Pasay yesterday for UNTV's anniversary celebration, well don't despair because you may well have ended up among the hundreds of people who were not able to sneak in due to the mammoth crowd! (these initial photos courtesy of Tolits!)

As of 1 pm yesterday, crowd estimates at the WTC vicinity were at 30,000+ with several more people outside still trying to get in. For this alone, 3G is easily one of the most successful events ever to be held at Pasay City's WTC.
(Look at the size of that crowd!) ========>>>

Kuya Daniel Razon took note of the overwhelming crowd response and hinted that next years anniversary celebrations must definitely be held in a much bigger venue! That is, of course, if the UHF station's viewers remained ardent supporters, to which the crowd readily cheered in approbation(!)

Countless guests showed up to give support and greet UNTV's audience. These include some of the country's best and hottest bands who provided the live and TV audience with endless rounds of musical entertainment.

Later in the day Bro. Eli Soriano's message was aired and, boy, for church members like me, it sounded and felt every bit much like a state of the nation address except that the message was so much more important. Brother Eli briefly told of the church's efforts at going on air since the early 1980's. On just a shoestring budget and with just three people manning the production (himself, kuya Daniel and Sis. Luz) working 8 hours to produce a 1-hour bible program, which aired over government-controlled TV station IBC channel 13 (until a number of influential religious groups petitioned the government to have the program removed.)

Nonetheless, the church continued in propagating the Word hopping from one TV station to another until it found its present home at UNTV (which is owned by Atom Henares). The dedication of those early years remained intact today at UNTV with the church proudly airing the Word of God, as it is written in bible, as the core of its prime time shows... a feat no other religious group in the Philippines has done. Bro. Eli attributed all these achievements to the Almighty. "To God be the Glory!", he said.

- The Best Things In Life Are Free!
- UNTV37 Celebrates 3rd Aniversary!

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The excitement is just building up for the UNTV 3G event! I feel compelled to post the large picture below (posted at Photobucket by Kenji) because it says everything there is to say about the event. Do browse it please.

And in case you missed my briefer on the event here's a quick link to my previous post... "UNTV CELEBRATES ITS 3RD ANNIVERSARY"

And here's a preview of the UNTV FREE BUS (expected to be launched in the event) as posted by Balad3v. The bus is set to ply the entire stretch of EDSA from Caloocan to Pasay, free for the riding public courtesy of the one and only Kasambahay TV Channel.

For a look at the bigger pictures, click here, here and here.

BTW, Caranijuan has also some interesting side musings on the event in his post You 'n TV ...3G. Meanwhile, Elman The Man has this to say.

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My favorite TV station, UNTV37, is set to celebrate its 3rd year of Service to Humanity worldwide this coming Sunday July 22, 2007 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, from 8 am to 11pm. Dubbed as 3G, everyone is invited to come and take part in the very special family day event!
Yes, the entrance is FREE, along with other FREE FREE FREE goodies to boot like FREE medical services, FREE legal consultations, FREE school supplies, FREE overseas kumustahan, FREE Concert, and most of all FREE Bibles!
Lest you think of a different 3G, UNTV37’s 3G actually stands for, Genuine, Godly, and Global. That is, Genuine, Godly and Global Service to Humanity!
If its 3G telephony that’s on your mind, well UNTV also has something along those lines! Indeed it is one of the most exciting highlight to the event! Can you imagine wathcing UNTV37 shows on your cellphone, wherever you are, whenever you want to? I heard from UNTV officials that they have teamed up with a giant telecom provider in the country to make this great thing possible!
I suppose I’ll wait for the anticipated launching of this tie-up on Sunday to confirm the details. And before I forget, let me say that there’s this wild rumor going around among the loyal adherents of Ang-Dating-Daan (the group I recently exposed)... I heard they are itching to make The Great SIM-Switch in Town beginning this Sunday. Knowing them all too well, I know they are really serious, and very excited too! If I were an executive of the rival phone network I wouldn’t be able to bear to watch this thing from happenning... :-)
I know there are more surprises in store at the 3G this sunday so hope to see you all there!


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